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The wireless complex supports 3 autonomous modules at up to 300-meter distances.

Control and visualization console (Terminal) and 3 active acquisition points.

The terminal allows you to select a game mode (3 modes).

Set the game time, timer activation time.

The terminal sends all data to each of the 3 points, and the game starts in autonomous mode.

Each time a point is acquired, the Terminal displays the status of each point in real-time.


When the game is over for each point, all team parameters (countdown time for each team) are sent to the Terminal and all data are added up.


When selecting Pro mode - the countdown starts ONLY at the moment when ALL points are acquired by one team.


When selecting Bomb mode, any team can activate the bomb and any team can commit Sabotage by deactivating the enemy's bomb.

The Terminal will display all data on activation or Sabotage in real-time.


The distance for a steady signal in open spaces is up to 300 meters and up to 80 meters in closed areas or training grounds.

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