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Dominance mode.

Each team presses its own button and includes its time countdown. The team wins the team in the timer over the whole time.


Mode domination pro.

If the team holds the timer on more than the parameter (sabotage), the rest of the teams are added free of charge, the parameter (enemy time).


Bomb mode.

The device randomly selects the team to turn on the bomb. The remaining teams must have time to turn off the countdown for their bombs. In this mode, the remaining time is not displayed.


Hard mode.

Teams can activate the countdown only after entering the password. Password entry time is limited



Enigma mode.

To enable the countdown, teams need to type a combination of numbers and clicks on the buttons of opponents). To see the input password, you need to click on the button and the device will display the password (but the time is limited !!) The password input time is also limited.


The status of the countdown and the winner is voiced by the voice module system.

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