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The main body is a structure which has a display, keyboard,  LEDs, a power button. Also, there is a socket for charging the batteries in the case.

The device can be used with multiple points simultaneously.

A simulator of an explosive device (CS GO). The plastic case can have different colors. The keyboard has 16 buttons and allows using combinations of both numbers and letters as a password. The device has a sound module of alert and built-in speaker 0.5 watt and a siren of 90 dB.

The device is self-activated only near to the point of activation (3-4 meters). It is needed to press any button on the keyboard to set the device to visualize the password. After entering the password you have to press # (ok). The password will be accepted by the device during the time which has been previously set (arm time). After that, turn on the countdown timer. The device must not be transferred. If the signal from the point is lost, the device will go into standby mode  the timer will stop,the display will go dark).

To deactivate the device, press ANY button on the keyboard and enter the password that will appear on the display.

If the defuse kit mode was enabled in the settings menu it means that the player can bypass the time of opening the password and entering it. To do this, in the timer mode, click on *and enter the 4-digit password defuse kit.

Instructions for setting up and using the device.

Turn on the power.

GAME TIME. Time for countdown. Button # (OK)

PASSWORD Any combination of letters and numbers. Button # ( OK )

ARM TIME . Time in seconds for activation of password and downloading the system. Button # ( OK )

SPEED UP. Acceleration of the countdown for an incorrectly pressed button ( entering the password when deactivating ). If you enter 33, then time speeds up to 33 times for an incorrectly pressed button. Button # ( OK )


The DEFUSE CODE **** Any 4 digits. Button # ( OK )

(to activate the defuse kit input panel, you have to press * during timer operation )

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